Просмотр полной версии : Hi everyone! nice to meet you!

21.10.2008, 18:15
Hi everyone! nice to meet you!) I'm babazukaz, 27y.o. male from Singapore!)
baso babazukaso!

Naeel Maqsudov
21.10.2008, 19:13
Hi, Babazukaz.
What is your expectation of visiting this forum?
What are you looknig for?

04.12.2008, 00:00
As I think, he want a dating, but he did wrong with address.

04.12.2008, 09:47
May be it spam test.

Naeel Maqsudov
04.12.2008, 09:59
Duncon> May be it is a spam test? ;)

Yes, sure. It was a stupid fucking spam test.
Would we like to use this topic for practice in English grammar? :)

04.12.2008, 12:40
Spammers fucking idiots. I hate spam.

04.12.2008, 15:28
That's right. However, it's a funny topic. :-)
Where you are, Babazukaz?

12.12.2008, 18:50
Babazukaz! Are you living yet?

Naeel Maqsudov
12.12.2008, 22:00
I hope hi is alive...
And he hiccups on each message here :)